Educational and School Bus Trips

School bus trips are the highlight of any school year. You have the sports teams traveling to play the local rivals, the band journeying to march in contests and parades, and classes heading out on field trips to visit museums, zoos, and planetariums. What do all these activities have in common? They all require safe, reliable transportation.

Keeping our passengers safe is of the utmost importance

Knowing that their kids are safe on their school trips allows the parents to relax. Using Rochester City Lines for your school trips will give everyone peace of mind. Our fleet is kept in top running condition with frequent safety and maintenance checks. If an issue does arise, our mechanical support is ready to address the issue quickly. The support network at Rochester City Lines also means that alternate transportation is available if the need arises. This ensures that the kids are kept safe, and the trip continues to move forward.

Our fleet isn’t the only place where safety takes a priority. The professional motorcoach operators at Rochester City Lines are provided with all the training they need to operate every vehicle in our fleet safely. With our drivers behind the wheel, the school trip will be safe. Our drivers are well prepared prior to each trip. They plan the routes and stops to make sure every need is met, and your school trip goes off without a hitch.

School bus trips can require a lot of storage

Getting ready for a school trip also means you need to have an abundance of room for all the stuff everyone will be bringing along. Band trips have instruments, sports trips have equipment, and if the class is staying overnight, you have luggage. The last thing you want to worry about is making sure everyone’s belongings make it and nothing gets lost. Rochester City Lines vehicles have lots of storage options to make sure everyone has everything they need. From under-bus storage to shelving in the bus, everyone can travel and be comfortable.

Regardless of what type of school bus trip you’re taking, contact Rochester City Lines to get your trip booked today.