Event & Wedding Transportation

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You plan every part of the day, from the flowers to your dress. But what about transportation? How do your out-of-town guests get from venue to venue? What about your guests that live in town? How will they get home if they celebrate with a few adult beverages and then find they shouldn’t be driving? You have enough on your mind; let the trusted professionals at Rochester City Lines handle your event transportation needs.

Planning the transportation for your day is just as important as the menu.

Rochester City Lines will work with you and your wedding party to make sure all your needs are covered for the day. You can even decorate the vehicle as you wish to make it as festive and fun as possible! Do you want to include gift bags on the seats for your wedding party? The staff at Rochester City Lines can help make sure those gift bags are in place, so your wedding party is surprised.

Prior to the big day, the staff at Rochester City Lines will work with you to plan out where your out-of-town guests will be staying and how to get them around easily and efficiently. We’ll help you plan the routes and timing to ensure everyone is where they need to be on time.

Keep everyone safe!

Part of celebrating your big day is making sure everyone is safe. During the reception, many of your guests may partake in the open bar. If that’s the case, you want to make sure they can get home safe. Rochester City Lines can help you plan for that and have vehicles standing by to get everyone home safe and sound.

Rochester City Lines takes safety very seriously. To do that we practice preventative measures. Each vehicle undergoes painstaking maintenance and safety checks prior to each trip. We make sure that each part of the vehicle is in top operating condition. Our goal is to make your day special and safe.

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For any event, Rochester City Lines can provide all the transportation you need. Contact us today to reserve the perfect type of transportation needed for your wedding or special event.