Religious Event Transportation

Religious missions and trips are important. Your youth group is going out and making a difference in their community. The chaperones you send on the trip should only have to worry about the youth and the work ahead, not the event transportation.

We’re here to help with any length trip.

From helping those in the local community to going on a mission trip out of state, Rochester City Lines is here to help. Our fleet includes different sized vehicles that can be used in any number of situations. Using a smaller vehicle can help get your youth group to the local assisted living facility to visit with the residents. One of our larger vehicles will perfectly fit the needs for an out-of-state mission trip. The under-bus storage has more than enough room to carry everything your group will need to do their work.

Using a transportation company, such as Rochester City Lines, as opposed to renting a vehicle, will allow the adults in the group to remain at their best. When it comes to longer mission trips, instead of being tired from hours of driving, the chaperones can dedicate their focus and energies on the youth and the important work ahead.

Safety is the number one priority of Rochester City Lines.

When you rent a vehicle, you must do all the driving yourself, and if problems arise, you could find yourself in an unsafe situation. The drivers at Rochester City Lines undergo extensive training and background checks to make sure they are ready for every trip. Our drivers undergo a physical evaluation of their abilities every two years. These physical evaluations ensure that our drivers are ready for every situation.

At Rochester City Lines, our drivers adhere to the strict federal hours of service. These service hours are there to ensure that each driver has an adequate amount of rest before, during, and after every trip. This means you don’t have to worry about your driver and confidently know your group is in the safest of hands.

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