University & College Transportation

Colleges and Universities can experience several different types of transportation needs at any given time. There are many groups on campus that travel to off-campus events which requires college transportation options, including youth groups, sports groups, band and choir, and student leadership groups. The most important part of the transportation experience is the safety of those riding.

Safety is our number one priority.

At Rochester City Lines, safety is our number one priority. The staff at Rochester City Lines undergoes extensive training to ensure they are ready for any situation. Our safety directors are responsible for making sure that Rochester City Lines is in the forefront of the latest safety tools and techniques. At Rochester City Lines, safety starts with every individual.

Our drivers undergo background checks and drivers training to make sure they are the safest on the road. Getting the students from point A to point B will be done as quickly and safely as possible when you use Rochester City Lines.

Our vehicles offer the best in amenities.

The seats in the vehicles that Rochester City Lines owns are extremely comfortable, regardless of the length of the trip. There is ample storage, so no matter what type of group is using our services, all their belongings will fit safely and securely. The larger vehicles include DVD players and screens to keep the students entertained during the entire trip. They also include an onboard restroom, allowing you to plan your stops. Traveling in comfort and being able to plan your trip will make getting to your events easier.

Schedule Your College Transportation Today

College trips can be hard to organize, but by allowing Rochester City Lines to provide the transportation, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. We plan and prepare for trips well in advance, so when the time comes to leave, we’re ready. Don’t get stuck trying to find transportation for your college group. Contact Rochester City Lines today and let us help you! Contact us today to schedule your transport.