Our Coach Bus Fleet

Rochester City Lines has vehicles to fit any and every transportation need. Our coach bus fleet includes:

  • 7 and 12 Passenger Executive Vehicles
  • 23-25 Passenger Mid-Size Vehicles
  • 40 Passenger Coaches
  • 47-54 Passenger Coaches
  • 54 Passenger Deluxe Coach
  • 54 Passenger Unmarked Coach

These vehicles offer their passengers an amazing experience for every trip.

Executive Vehicles

These vehicles offer luxurious seats in a smaller, private setting, allowing your executive team to continue the conversations and fun. They are also equipped with an abundance of UBS ports to allow you and your guests to keep electronic devices fully charged so the work, and fun, keep going!

Mid-Size Vehicles

A little larger than the executive vehicles, mid-size vehicles work great for smaller groups. These vehicles come with handicap accessible options so everyone can join the fun. They also work great for workforce transportation, as the seats are large enough so everyone can comfortably get everything they need to and from work.


The coach buses boast an abundance of under-bus storage, allowing your group to bring everything and anything they could possibly need for the trip. The seats are nice and comfortable, making it easy to travel in comfort and style. Each set of seats includes an air vent with a fan and a light so passengers can read and remain comfortable without bothering others. School trips can be long, so having a coach with a DVD player will keep everyone entertained.

Deluxe Coach

The deluxe coach offers all of the same amenities as the coaches, but with higher finishes. The seats are just as comfortable, and there’s just as much storage. The seat fabric is more subdued, and the whole interior is calming. Using a deluxe coach will leave your passengers feeling like they are truly traveling in the utmost of comfort and style.

Unmarked Coach

The unmarked coach has all the amenities as the coach, with the only difference being that the outside of the bus isn’t marked. It still offers an amazing amount of storage for anything your group may need to bring along for your trip, and the interior is wonderfully comfortable and calming, making traveling easy and enjoyable.

Schedule Your Coach Bus Today

Picking the right option from our charter bus fleet for your trip may sound daunting, but don’t worry–our sales representatives are here to make the choice as easy as possible. Contact Rochester City Lines today to find the right vehicle for your next trip.