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November 28, 2018

REMINDER: Bus Stands Relocating Monday 12/3

Effective Next Monday, December 3rd, all RCL commuter bus activity will be relocated to 2nd and 3rd Avenue Southwest. For riders who have been with us since before June, all buses will be in their previous locations before the summer/fall move to 1st St SW. AM Drop-off will also be relocated. Buses coming in from St Marys will drop off on 2nd St by the Harwick building at the corner of 3rd Ave SW.

Buses arriving from the East will drop off on 3rd Ave by the Guggenheim building. 

For questions, please contact or call 507-288-4353.

Red buses represent RCL Commuter Routes. The letters on the map correlate to these routes and stops:

  • D: Rochester City Lines drop-offs; 15D and 18D drop-offs
  • L: Eyota, Lewiston, St. Charles, Stockton and Winona
  • M: Elgin, Plainview and Viola
  • N: Chatfield, Fountain, Preston and Marion
  • Q: Lake City, Oak Center, Reinke's Corners, Wabasha and Zumbro Falls
  • R: Austin and Dexter
  • S: Bloomington, Cannon Falls, Hampton and Inver Grove Heights
  • T: Pine Island and Zumbrota
  • U: Racine, Spring Valley and Stewartville
  • V: Byron and Kasson
  • W: Dodge Center and Hayfield


November 14, 2018

Two Important Updates from RCL

First, a short and simple one- RCL Commuter Bus Operations are expected to return to previous locations on 2nd & 3rd Ave SW on Monday, December 3rd. 

Second, Effective January 1st, 2019, Rochester City Lines will raise fares for regional commuter bus service for the first time since 2015. Over the past four years, operating costs have continued to rise making this adjustment necessary. Most riders will see their cost per ride increase by less than one dollar. Rates can be seen in the PDF link below.

2019 Rates can be seen here (PDF)


November 7, 2018

RCL 2018 Holiday Service Schedule

To reflect reduced ridership during the holiday season, RCL will run a limited schedule on Friday, November 23rd, Monday, December 24th and Monday, December 31st.

There will be NO service on November 22nd, December 25th or January 1st.

Click the link below for departure times that will be available on reduced service days. For questions, email or call 507-288-4353. Note: Buses that typically service St Marys will still do so, including transfer buses at 4:03 and 5:03pm (3:03pm on 12/24 and 12/31).



June 11, 2018

4th St SW Rochester Construction Project Bringing Changes for Commuters

Learn more about the 4th St SW project impact to commuter bus operations on our project page at


May 11, 2018



Beginning Monday, May 14th, the City of Rochester will be reducing traffic to one lane in each direction along portions of 2nd St SW in front of St Marys for the next three weeks. This message is to inform you that there will be NO CHANGES to RCL commuter bus schedules or pickup locations. While travel lanes will be closed, arrangements are being made to continue to serve regional commuter transit users at the current locations.
Due to ongoing additional chartered transportation services, heavy traffic and congestion on 2nd street is anticipated next week. Passengers are advised that delays are possible. RCL encourages passengers to plan ahead and consider taking an earlier bus where available.
For details about the lane closures, visit:

April 26, 2018


Due to a change in ownership at the current location, the pickup in Inver Grove Heights will be relocating to Walmart (9165 Cahill Ave, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076) effective this coming Monday 4/30/18. We apologize for the very short notice and encourage riders to assist in spreading the word regarding this change. Designated parking area and pickup location will be on the North side of the store in the blue rectangle area seen in the image below. Red arrows show the travel path of the coach bus through the pickup area.
Pickup times will not change.

April 24, 2018

Service Change for Byron Riders

Effective next Monday, April 30th, Rochester City Lines will consolidate commuter bus service in Byron to the Park & Ride Stop only. No departure time changes are associated with this change. This will improve travel times for Kasson riders on the 5:12 bus.


April 23, 2018

RCL Commuter Detour for Wabasha/Lake City Route

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will be constructing a complete rebuild of Hwy 63 between Rochester and Lake City. This major upgrade will be a welcome change once completed, but also presents some significant challenges for commuters this summer. During Phase One (May-August), U.S. Hwy 63 will be completely closed from the 75th St roundabout just north of Rochester, all the way to the bridge on the south side of Zumbro Falls.

The anticipated start date for Phase One of this project is Monday, May 7th lasting through August.

Beginning May 7th, ALL Times for Wabasha, Lake City, Oak Center and Zumbro Falls will be 12 minutes earlier than the current schedule. The Reinke’s Corner stop will be out of service for the duration of Phase One. Summer departure times are listed at the bottom of this message. Morning buses will travel across MN Hwy 60 out of Zumbro Falls over to Hwy 52, and will access Rochester from 2nd Street SW. St Marys Passengers will be dropped off first, with downtown passengers being dropped off in front of the Harwick Building. PM Departure times from downtown Rochester will not change. PM buses will NOT travel past St Marys in the afternoon. St Marys passengers should continue to use the transfer bus.

Phase Two of this project will involve resurfacing a seven mile stretch of Hwy 63 north of Zumbro Falls. Phase Two is scheduled to start in August (after completion of Phase One). Separate detour and schedule information will be communicated at that time.

For questions about RCL Commuter Bus Service, please contact or call 507-288-4353. For questions about the highway project, visit the project page on MN DOT’s website at 


April 9, 2018

4:40 Winona Departure to be Reinstated

We want to offer a sincere thank you to the many, many passengers who have participated in conversations with us over the past week and a half as we seek to better balance our bus schedules to improve service.
Effective Next Monday, April 16th, the 4:40 departure serving all stops will be reinstated.

The 4:10 and 5:10 departures will also serve all stops as needed along the route. 
For questions, email or give us a call at 507-288-4353. Thank you, and thanks for riding- we truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


February 20, 2018

Route Adjustments and New Byron Stop for Late Hayfield/Dodge Center Bus

As part of broader changes to Rochester City Lines commuter bus service, effective March 1st Dodge Center riders will have a new 4th departure option each morning. Additionally, the late Hayfield/Dodge Center Bus will provide regular service for riders from Byron. To offset this time and ensure continued on-time arrival to St Marys Campus and Downtown Rochester, the late route will begin five minutes earlier. Byron times will also be adjusted.

Times for all stops will be as follows:


D.C. Legion

D.C. Park & Ride

Byron 2nd Ave & Frontage Rd

Byron 4th St & 5th Ave

Byron Park & Ride

St Marys Campus

Downtown Rochester

































*Indicate new departure times

Additionally, riders should pay careful attention to afternoon bus boarding locations, as a small adjustment will be made allowing both the 4:10 and 4:15 buses to board in separate stands.

For questions, please email or call 507-288-4353


February 14, 2018

Plainview Stand Relocation

Effective March 1st, both Plainview buses will begin boarding in the southernmost stand alongside the corner of the Hilton building.

For longtime riders, this is the same stand that was used in the past. We are glad to be able to make this meaningful service improvement with the return of a sheltered waiting area for Plainview/Elgin/Viola riders.


February 8, 2018

Realignment of Commuter Bus Services for Winona/Stockton/Lewiston/St. Charles/Eyota Area

To better align services with current ridership, Rochester City Lines will be adjusting commuter bus service in the Highway 14 Corridor east of Rochester. Effective March 1st, the following adjustments will be made:

  • NEW 4:15pm Winona Express departure serving Walmart AND ShopKo
  • Elimination of the 6:30am and 5:12pm Winona Express departures
  • Elimination of the 4:40pm departure

Complete service times for the corridor will be as follows:


Winona Walmart Winona ShopKo Stockton Lewiston St. Charles Whitewater Ave St. Charles Park & Ride Eyota Arrive Downtown Rochester St Marys Campus
4:58 5:08 5:15 5:25 5:36 5:39 5:52 6:15 6:20
5:18 5:28 5:35 5:45 5:56 6:00 6:12 6:35 6:40
5:53 6:03 6:10 6:20 6:31 6:34 6:47 7:15 7:20
6:23* 6:33 6:40 6:50 7:01 7:04 7:17 7:45 7:50

*Indicates NEW departure time


Departs Downtown Rochester Serves:
3:40 All Stops
4:10 All Stops
4:15 Express* Winona Walmart & ShopKo*
5:10 All Stops

*Indicates NEW departure time

Q: When are these changes taking place?
The new schedule will start Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Q: Why are these changes changes being made?
A: In August of 2016, service to Winona, Stockton, Lewiston, St. Charles and Eyota expanded from three daily buses to five. In the 18 months since that time, ridership habits and travel patterns have reflected an overall ability to provide essentially the same level of service without the need for five buses. This adjustment allows RCL to be a better steward of limited resources, as well as eliminate unnecessary road wear and tear and environmental impacts.

Please direct questions to or call 507-288-4353.

Thank you, thank you for riding with Rochester City Lines- we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


February 7, 2018

Owatonna Route to be Discontinued

Attention Commuters: Effective March 1st, 2018, Rochester City Lines will be discontinuing commuter bus service to Owatonna. The last day of service will be February 28th. This difficult final decision comes as ridership has dwindled in part due to continued low fuel prices, regional employment changes and additional work from home opportunities for the area’s workforce.

Commuter Bus Service will continue to be available from Dodge Center with four departures daily. Passengers wishing to continue to ride with Rochester City Lines from Dodge Center after this month may exchange their Zone F passes for the cheaper Zone D passes.

Please direct any questions to or call 507-288-4353.

D.C. American Legion

D.C. Park & Ride

AM Arrival to STM

AM Arrival to DT

PM Depart DT

PM Depart STM

























*New departure starting March 1st



Introducing NotiphiMe

Here at Rochester City Lines, we know that communication and transportation go hand in hand. We know you depend on us to get to work, and to do so in a timely manner. When things are running behind, we know you want to get the low down. 

That's why we are introducing you to NotiphiMe, our new notification partner. This was done with YOU in mind. You can use this link to update your enhanced subscription. NotiphiMe will allow you to customize WHEN and HOW you want to be alerted- email, text message, and coming soon- push notifications.

Want to receive only a text about a delay? You can choose to turn off email alerts.
Don't ride the bus on Fridays? Turn off alerts for that day. 

We are excited to roll out this product for you. Thank you for riding with us, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in new and better ways in 2018.



2017 Holiday Service Schedule

As we approach the 2017 Holiday Season, Rochester City Lines will be making a few schedule changes to observe major holidays. See details below. 

Thanksgiving Week (November 20th-24th)

Monday-Wednesday: Full Service

Thursday, Nov 23rd: CLOSED (Thanksgiving observed)

Friday, Nov 24th: 7am and 8am shift arrival buses ONLY, 4:10pm and 5:10pm departure buses ONLY. Pick-ups at Park & Ride lots only. Email for questions or clarification.

  • There will be NO local service routes (Kasson, Byron, Spring Valley). All pickups will be at Park & Ride lots ONLY.
  • Buses arriving in Rochester at 6:15am and 7:15am will NOT be running this day.
    • The only exception to this will be the 6:25am Hayfield run, which will serve Hayfield, Dodge Center, Kasson and Byron as usual.
  • 3:35/3:40pm, 4:40pm and 5:40pm departures will NOT be running this day.
  • The Winona Express bus will NOT be running. Winona riders should board the 6:25 departure from WalMart for the morning, and the 5:10 departure in the afternoon.
  • Twin Cities riders: Only the 5:00am and 6:00am departures from Bloomington will be running in the morning, and only the 4:10 and 5:10 departures in the afternoon.
  • For questions or clarification, email or call 507-288-4353.

Christmas Week (December 25th-29th)

Monday, Dec 25th CLOSED (Christmas observed)

Tues-Friday (Dec 26th-29th) Full Service

New Years Week (January 1st-5th)

Monday, Jan 1st CLOSED (New Years Day observed)

Full Service Resumes Tuesday




Construction in Pine Island October 1st-6th 

Due to a sewer replacement project in the immediate area, the Pine Island Park & Ride/Community Space will be CLOSED for the first week of October. Commuters should park at the alternative location, located at 3rd Ave & 3rd St NE in Pine Island. AM pickup times will remain the same for the duration of this change.

Once the project is complete and the roadway is reopened, the pickup location will return to the Park & Ride/Community Space.

Thank you for riding!