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Stewartville Commuter Services (Zone C)

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Price Information
Monthly Pass 10-Ride Pass Cash Fare (One Way)
$197 $68 $11


AM Times

1st St E by City Hall

Arrival to

Saint Marys Campus

Arrival to

Downtown Rochester

6:13 6:38 6:40
6:43 7:10 7:15
7:13 7:35 7:40


PM Times

Departure times from

Downtown Rochester

(3rd Ave & 3rd St SW)

Departure times from

Saint Marys Campus

(2nd St & 13th Ave SW)

3:40 3:43
4:12 4:15
5:12 5:15

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To see where the Stewartville bus loads in downtown Rochester, click me.

Service operates Monday-Friday. Commuter 10-ride and Monthly passes can be purchased with cash, check, debit, or credit at the RCL office (1825 N Broadway, Rochester, MN 55906) or from the bus driver (cash or check only).

Maps courtesy of Google Maps.