Together Moving Forward!

Joe Jacobson  Administrator


Joe is a transportation industry veteran with a broad range of experience and a passion for data-driven decisions. With a keen eye for system improvement, Joe has excelled in every position he has held. During his prolific career at IKON Office Solutions, Joe consistently met multi-million dollar sales goals and became part of an elite national group  who were tasked with improving processes of many Fortune 500 companies. His revolutionary work with the Mayo Clinic allowed them to become internally paperless in 3 years.

Joe now brings his tenacity and outstanding abilities to the position of  Administrator of Rochester City Lines, Richfield Bus Company, Heartland Tours and Travel and Owner's Auto Mart - companies he'd first worked for when he was fresh out of high school. A great “numbers guy,” he uses his talents for management and system improvement across all divisions of the Holter companies. Joe's enduring love of technology and aptitude for its productive application serve our companies well as he oversees our entire communications infrastructures. But above all, Joe places the highest value on people as he works directly with employees to encourage and continually develop our core values- reliability, service and professionalism.

Beyond the office, Joe is a man with great faith in his loving Creator, a devoted husband to a wife of over 26 years, a caring father of an ever-growing family, and an outdoors-enthusiast who loves hunting and fishing.