Together Moving Forward!


Greg Hoff  Charter Division Manager

Greg has 21 years of experience as an RCL driver and brings over 40 years of customer service to our team.  As Charter Division Manager Greg works with RCL drivers and Charter staff to bring the finest and most reliable transportation and customer service experience to groups of all sizes and interests  throughout southeast Minnesota. In addition to his Charter Division duties, Greg drives a commuter route from Preston Monday through Friday. Greg is the guy that gets things done.

In his off time Greg enjoys the outdoors and the beautiful bluff country of southestern Minnesota. One of his favorite things to do is to take a long drive throughout the tri-state area with his lovely wife of 40 plus years, Luann. They have 4 beautiful children and 6 grandchildren.  Greg also enjoys a good game of cards, golfing, maintaining his yard, and hunting. He has been known to bend a few ears with stories of his younger days and may possibly know 2/3rds of the population of southeast Minnesota.