Together Moving Forward!

Dan Andring  Operations Supervisor

Dan joined RCL in 2007 as a transit driver. After seeing all there was to see (and then some) on the streets of Rochester, Dan took a job on the other side of the desk, working as a dispatcher for several years. When RCL suspended it’s transit operations in July of 2012, Dan stayed on board and transitioned to the role he is in today- Operation Supervisor.  Dan works with the Charter, Commuter and Maintenance divisions to schedule buses, drivers and trips. He anchors the morning shift and runs the show with his trademark humor and quips. He’s also been known to drive a commuter route or charter every once in a while.

Off the clock he enjoys spending time with his kids (pictured above), fixing things up around the house and dreaming about someday fully restoring the old Camaro. He is also currently enrolled at Augsburg College in Rochester and is working towards a business degree.